Location Shooting 2 (30%)

Another location shoot that I will be carrying out is at Barrow Gurney abandoned mental hospital just outside Bristol. This location, similarly to the ‘gods own junkyard’ shop in Soho, is where I want to create the ‘unfamiliar places’ scenes; using the location as a basis for the uncomfortable dream atmosphere.



Location Shooting (30%)

One location I plan on going to in the next 2 weeks is Gods Own Junkyard in London. I feel this location will create a good contrast to the natural setting of the woods, through it’s vibrant ‘urban-ness’ The shop itself is cluttered, and surreal and in your face which, put next to the shots of the woods, or in the house, ¬†coincides with the idea of disjointed dreams.

GodsOwnJunkyard_RG005 GodsOwnJunkyard_RG009 GodsOwnJunkyard_RG022

A lot of the inspiration from my film came from ‘Enter the Void’ which is set in Tokyo and has a theme of neon lighting throughout it, and this location is an ideal place to capture a similar atmosphere to that.


Storyboarding (30%)

This is the storyboard for my next shoot. This sequence will show my actor going into a shop, paying for something, and when looking at the change she sees a handful of human teeth instead of money.


This sequence is in reference to common teeth related dreams. It is theorised that derma sin which your teeth are falling/ have fallen out are related to subconscious money fears, which is why I have put them in the context of paying for something.

I plan to use the teeth throughout the film, often just placing them within shots in th background, showing them not as the main focus and giving the impression of them just being in the back of the mind.


Compiled Footage (30%)

This is all my footage cut together in photoshop. I have edited some clips, and some have been left untouched.

The two shots in the woods have an echo effect on them to try to create a sense of disorientation. The shot of the house in Brighton has a warp stabiliser on it and the ink videos editing description in my previous post. All of these shots were experiments in creating a sense of disorientation, similar to that in dreams. So far, my location shots are all filmed in places that I would personally recognise in real life, as I wanted to replicate the unfamiliarity in a familiar place experienced in dreams, however, my next few shoots will be in more obscure locations to capture the more random and obscure elements of dreams.

Experimenting with ink

This is an experimentation for the abstract sections of my film. I wanted to create an abstract dreamscape effect. To create the effects in the video, I dropped ink into a glass of water, I intend to make more of these shots using a combination of macro and normal lenses. To create the 3 different effects in the film I experimented with different lighting: the first was just shot using my kitchen light, the second with daylight, and the third with an brighton light shone from behind the glass. I then edited the clips speed and contrast in premiere. The first shot is reversed, the second is flipped upside down and the third is how it was in the original footage.