Sound Editing

My film opens with just a buzzing sound, which I intended to sound like the buzz off fluorescent lighting- I downloaded this sound from online.

I then introduce the song ‘Dream a Little Dream of me’ because it is such an old classic song and I wanted to warp it slightly to create a feeling of unease and discomfort. I used the convolution reverb effect on the song to create the echoey sound and set it to the ‘memory space’ preset. I also pitch shifted the song down two tones.

For the beach section, I only used the sound off my footage- the sea and a heartbeat recording that I downloaded. I felt this matched with the minimalist colour palette and slow movement of the shots.

I then introduced the second song of the film by four tet. I chose this song because of the way it builds up to quite a chaotic mix of sounds- ajoining to the most abstract part of the film and suggesting a loss of control over the dream visuals. I then set the song to rewind in the ending section of the film to match the rewinding visuals.



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