Creating abstract visuals

A lot of the more surreal shots in my film required different types of editing to create an abstract overall image. One technique i used throughout the film was layering multiple shots over one another to take away the sense of being in a space- for example in the shots of the neon shop, the layering of two bits of footage took away the feeling of walking through a shop. This was just case of putting one piece of footage over another in premiere and lowering the opacity to let the underneath footage come through.


With my shots of ink in water, I used the mirror tool in premiere as well as colour change to create symmetrical patterns and more vibrant colours.



I also used the warp stabiliser tool on most of the ‘walking shots’ where i was moving through a space, this was 1) to steady the shots from camera shake, and 2) because it creates quite a dreamlike movement of the camera.



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