production diary: after effects

I used after effects in a variety of the shots in my film. One recurring technique i used was on the footage of my eye. To create the end result I layered the desired footage (Ink, shop, sea, tree branches, and tadpoles) on top of the footage of the eye. I then made a circular mask and changed the mask to ‘subtract’ hiding the rest of the footage around the circle. To blend the mask I used feathering and opacity. I then tracked the mask to the original  footage to make sure it moved with any small movements of the base footage. After a lot of confusion, I ended up tracking the mask manually, adding a keyframe to each small movement of the eye.



I also used After Effects on the shot of the seafront, with the neon sign sky. I used a similar method for this shot, of creating a rectangular mask for the neon shot and feathering it into the base shot. I also created new masks on top of the neon mask with the original footage – bringing the opacity down so the blending was more realistic.



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