Revised Proposal

I will be making a surrealist, non linear narrative based  film exploring  the unconcious mind and dreams , using a vast range of visual, editing, and sound techniques to recreate the sense of being in a dream whilst avoiding mainstream Hollywood representations of dreaming.


Stan Brakhage

I have been look at Stan Brakhage’s work for inspiration on my more abstract shots. Brakhage used an unusual technique of pasting and painting images and materials directly onto a roll of film. Brakhage is said to have had a fascination with the physicality of film, hence his literal editing and mutation of film material.

Here is Brakhages film: Mothlight

I like the way that although you can see that the images are of moths wings, it is also more of an exploration of light and shape, which I what I want to try and achieve with my shots of ink in water and the tadpoles.

Appropriation in Fashion photography

During my tutorial meeting, we discussed how, to come to a final idea, I need to look at appropriation within fashion photography and how I can either incorporate this into my work or find a way of distancing from it.

One example of this that came to mind was the Rimmel model Georgia May Jagger:

gaptoothBy using Georgia May Jagger for their campaign and exaggerating the gap in her teeth, Rimmel have taken something from outside of the norm and incorporated into the fashion world.


Fashion Photography

After seeing the Horst exhibition, I was drawn to the idea of fashion photography and it’s conventions, and drew inspiration for my own project from these. As mentioned in my previous blog posts, I want to use vibrant colour palettes in a similar way to Wes Andersons films, which is a convention also often used in fashion photography including Horst’s work.


I would also like to play around with the distance between the camera and subject (close up, extreme close up), challenging what is usually a comfortable and flattering shot of models and creating an image that exposes natural ‘flaws’ in the face. This will also be exaggerated without the use of airbrushing tools on the skin.



Project proposal

In my project, I want to use the conventions of fashion photography while addressing and challenging the issues that surround it. As shown in my blog, I am focussing my work on the concept of beauty and what defines ‘beautiful’. Fashion photography, shown often in mainstream media such as advertising, almost always shows women who are slim and conventionally good looking. To challenge this, I will be photographing women who do not have the typical appearance of those shown in fashion photography (bad skin, teeth, eye bags etc.) while sticking to the other conventions of fashion photography. To achieve this, I will need to shoot the photographs in a studio, with a make up artist who can create the desired affect on my models.